About Hood

Boasting three decades of service, Hood Construction has developed into an organization of outstanding and talented people, dedicated to producing the highest standard in construction products and services. And, although we build a variety of products, Our true specialty is Our Client.

In 1986, Mark Hood began Hood Construction Company as a small service provider. Our early years involved renovating offices for emerging businesses, large office buildings and medical service providers. Hood quickly gained a reputation for providing quality work, standing behind our promises, and satisfying clients. This reputation encouraged steady growth during our foundation years, and provided the solid philosophical principles that our company exemplifies today.

After the devastation of Hurricane Hugo in 1989, Hood Construction was proud to be a part of the community that banded together to rebuild South Carolina. This solemn opportunity allowed us to establish numerous business relationships throughout the state – relationships built on trust and commitment, further defining our dedication to fairness and responsibility to our community. As the company began to grow, our reputation of integrity drew some of the strongest professional talents and partnerships to our firm, while we continued to expand our mindset of Value-Based Services.

Hood Construction has a simple philosophy. We believe in doing what is right. This old-fashioned trademark has proven sound, as a majority of our projects are repeat clients who value the no-nonsense nature of our company. Our list of satisfied clients continues to grow, because taking a holistic approach to our client’s business and personal objectives...is at the heart of all we do.