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Featured Project: 701 Whaley Lofts

Industry: Housing
Scope: Historic Renovation

Location: Columbia, SC
Project Size: 32,000 SF

This historic re-use project is now a mixed-use facility, housing several loft apartments, the 701 Center for Contemporary Art, commercial offices, and retail establishments. This collaborative effort between private developers and Historic and Conservation agencies brings new energy to the Olympia Mill Village in Columbia. This Design/Partnering project consisted of extensive construction and engineering partnerships to fully analyze previous structural failures -- identifying reproductive and restorative components, including new structural reinforcement, exterior brick veneer, fabrication of reproduction windows, interior woodwork, roofing, storefront, residential build out, etc. The loft residences take advantage of the large windows to maximize natural light, as well as the high ceilings for a feeling of space.

Student and Commercial Housing