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Featured Project: Hammond School - Multiple Projects

Industry: Educational
Scope: New Construction

Location: Columbia, SC
Project Size: 4,500 - 20,000 SF

Hood Construction has proudly served as Hammond School’s construction partner for many building initiatives throughout the years. New construction projects include the Lower School Gym, the Dorothy Walker Chapel, Barks Hall Administration Building, and the Frontier Village & Kiva Dining Facility, among others. The wide variety of spaces built to suit the needs of a busy K-12 campus include a variety of features: Barks Hall, a design-build project, boasts seven custom millwork displays, a portico constructed of wooden beams that serves as the building’s entrance, a two-story lobby area, as well as multiple meeting spaces. The Lower School Gym, also a product of the design-build delivery model, includes block and brick finishes, offices, a weight room, and locker room facilities. Its covered courtyard compliments the flow of traffic from the adjoining campus and also serves as a student drop-off area. Additionally, the Dorothy Walker Chapel, which boasts beautiful custom millwork and large windows that take advantage of the site's natural light, was donated by Hood to Hammond School. Hood Construction is proud of the many new-construction projects that are now part of the vibrant Hammond School campus.

Educational and Athletic