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Featured Project: Hayne Street Inn & DoubleTree Conference Center

Industry: Hotel/Restaurant
Scope: New Construction

Location: Charleston, SC
Project Size: 48,000 SF

This 48,000 SF Historic In-fill required great attention to detail, flexibility and creative problem solving, due to the many intricate requirements. The building included a grand ballroom, full catering kitchen, 30 guest rooms and an under ground parking garage. Proper coordination of sub-contractor partners was essential, due to adjacent historic structures, and on-going business & traffic activity, in a limited lay-down arena. Other technical challenges were incurred while coordinating construction of a sub-surface structure just above sea level. Hood Construction’s value engineering led to cost savings of over $113,000 on this project through creative construction practices and coordination with sub-contractors. Hood also successfully managed the many intricate project requirements for this owner, meeting an aggressive completion schedule, to coordinate with previously booked business conferences & room accommodations.