Fresh Eyesâ„  Quality Assurance

It’s an old saying in our industry: “There’s never been a perfect set of plans – and there’s never been a perfect building.” But that doesn’t stop our team from setting our sites on perfection!

Hood Construction firmly believes in achievable standards for High Quality – because quality isn’t a concept we’re willing to compromise. Our formal Quality Assurance Program began many years ago, with an intense focus on developing excellence within the fabric of our firm’s culture and mindset. And, as with any great organization of excellence, success is all about the people who represent us. Here at Hood Construction, we’re pleased to say our folks are among the best in our field – and possess a strong eye for quality.

Today, our Quality Assurance processes have grown into a High-Performance Program – appropriately named: “Fresh Eyesâ„ ”. And our client’s are quite pleased with the result.

At Hood Construction, we’re unabashedly proud to be a leader for quality …. And it shows.

Safety – It’s Everyone’s Business!

Hood Construction’s Safety Commitment is a vital part of our organizational focus, as we diligently work to safeguard our greatest assets — our partners and your community — each and every day.

Having produced hundreds of projects, our firm realizes the curiosity our construction activity will draw, and we’re accustomed to managing requirements to reduce risk, and successfully navigate any concerns. Our formal safety program follows all OSHA standards, and is regularly updated and enhanced to incorporate our own additional mandatory requirements. At Hood Construction, we consider safety a tangible part of “Building it Right” – and our safety policies are strictly enforced.

Some of our program initiatives include:

safety is everyone's business at Hood Construction

• A Full-time Safety Consultant / Director
• Managed, organized and secured site access
• Targeted and well-placed directional signage
• Mandatory Weekly On-site Safety Meetings & Formal Compliance Management
• Detailed Site Safety daily review program, developed and customized to each project’s unique requirements
• Continuing Safety Education & OSHA Certifications
• In-house Subcontractor Outreach Training Program, free of charge

Awards / Recognitions:

Each year, our firm is recognized by numerous organizations for our outstanding safety performance. Annual awards are regularly received from the National AGC, Carolinas AGC, The SC State Chamber and other industry partners.

In February, 2012, our Safety Program was formally recognized by the SC House of Representatives — with the presentation of a Concurrent Resolution, “To Recognize and Commend Hood Construction Company Incorporated of Columbia for its outstanding safety record of One Million Man Hours without a work-loss accident.”