Hood Construction Installs B757 Cockpit at EdVenture

It was an exciting morning last Friday at EdVenture as the Hood Construction team lifted a Boeing 757 cockpit and 747 engine cowling into the second floor for a new exhibit, titled “FLIGHT”!

The carefully coordinated effort consisting of Hood Construction, JHS Architecture: Integrated Design, Mabry Engineering Associates, and D&T Steel, was led by Hood team members Ladd James and Jeremy Rowe. The lifts began with the engine cowling at 7:00am — just as the sun was illuminating the Gervais Street Bridge along the back of the site. Once those pieces were safely inside the building, the cockpit “flew” once more via crane to its new home on the second floor exterior wall of the children’s museum. This exciting educational exhibit will teach children the forces of flight, highlight the career opportunities available in South Carolina related to aviation, and create the sensation of flight for children who climb inside the cockpit overlooking the bridge. The 747 engine cowling, once re-assembled, will be on display for children to view, touch, and even stand inside of to understand its enormous scale.

Hood Construction is a community sponsor of the FLIGHT exhibit, and is excited for the educational benefits it will provide to each child who visits. FLIGHT will open later this summer.