Hood Construction Moves to New Office at 1215 Shop Road

Hood Construction is excited to share that its team has moved to a new office at 1215 Shop Road, just down the road from its former office of 25 years. Previously known as Morris Furniture Warehouse, Hood’s new home is a stunning example of the firm’s passion for historic renovations.

The Morris Furniture building had been abandoned for many years, and the Hood team was excited for the challenge of breathing new life into the building in collaboration with the design talents of Garvin Design Group. The result is a new, inviting workspace with exposed original barreled ceilings and ample space for collaboration. Hood Construction recently celebrated its 35th year officially on May 26th, making the move to a new office particularly meaningful. “We wanted a space that would give us much-needed room to grow, and continue to enhance our outstanding team for the next 35 years,” said Mark Hood, Founder, President and CEO. “I often look around and wonder where all of these great people came from. It is an honor to work with this group each day, and we look forward to bringing even more facilities to successful completion in the future.”

Operations continued throughout the moving process, and the entire Hood staff is excited to hit the ground running in full force out of the new workspace. The team is excited for continued growth and success of the company and for its clients, and looks forward to continued success for the next 35 years.