Savage Craft Ale Works Team Honored with Historic Preservation Award

The team of Baumer Holdings, LLC, Hood Construction, and Studio 2LR, has been honored with the South Carolina Department of Archives and History’s Historic Preservation Honor Award for their work on Savage Craft Ale Works in West Columbia, SC.  

Selected from a pool of nominations annually, the SC Department of Archives and History celebrates notable projects from around South Carolina with this prestigious honor. Award criteria include the project’s impact on the community, its degree of difficulty, and the degree to which the project serves as an example of outstanding commitment to historic preservation and exemplary preservation techniques.

“It is a lot of fun working on complex projects like this one. But it’s that much more rewarding to see it now – completely revitalized – and such a great place for people to gather in West Columbia,” said Hood Construction Project Manager, Amanda Harter. “We have really enjoyed working with Andrew and the team at Savage,” added Vice President of Construction Management, Dean Wilson, “It is a huge honor for us to be a part of this project.”

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